Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

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How do I choose the best personal injury attorney?


When selecting a personal injury attorney for your personal injury matter, make sure that the person that you’re going to hire is a seasoned trial attorney, that they will prepare your case for trial from the outset, are not afraid Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney to try that case, and that they have experience in presenting claims to an insurance company. Those are probably the most important qualities to look for. If you come to the Accident & Injury Law Group, you can be rest assured that both Paul Giuffre and I are very experienced trial attorneys. We’ve handled many personal injury matters and we know how to prepare a claim to present to an insurance company.
Also, if you come to the Accident & Injury Law Group, you’ll have an attorney who’s also worked for the insurance company in the past and is very familiar with how the insurance company is going to go about defending your claim. By having that inside information, your case will be better prepared for trial and resolution.

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