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Should I speak with the insurance company after a motorcycle accident?


When you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, often an insurance adjuster or claims representative from the other driver’s insurance company will reach out to you. It’s important to confirm for them that you were, in fact, injured and that you are serious about a claim, but you have to be very careful in your dealings with the adjuster. Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation Keep in mind, as friendly as they may seem, they’re not on your side. They’re there for the insurance company. Their job is to try to deny claims when they can and to minimize those claims that they can’t outright deny. Your best approach is to be courteous and cordial, give them the basic information, but then when they need more information, refer them to your lawyer. Your lawyer will have a much better understanding of how to deal with the adjuster and how to document your case and maximize your recovery.

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