Residential Property Slip and Fall

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What should I do if I slip and fall on residential property?


If you’ve been injured on a residential property in a slip and fall matter, the single most important thing to do is make sure you seek medical treatment and make sure that the incident was reported to the homeowner and their insurance company. Residential Property Slip and Fall Some of these insurance policies on residential properties have what’s called MedPay which will typically pay the first $5,000 or $10,000 of your medical bills regardless of fault. Even if it was your fault and you’re injured on somebody’s property, make sure you get the insurance company info for that homeowner and report the claim.
The third thing to do is speak with an attorney to know what your rights are. Make sure the attorney you speak with is a personal injury attorney who’s handled these claims in the past. This attorney will advise you as to whether you are entitled to compensation, whether you’re entitled to pain and suffering, and whether you’re entitled to have your medical bills paid.

He or she will also prepare your case for trial from the onset if there’s a good liability issue involved as well. The last thing you want to do is seek advice from an attorney who only does personal injury on occasion as he or she will not know what your rights are. I’m willing to venture out and say that this attorney will probably not even know that you’re entitled to have your medical bills paid for regardless of fault. Make sure you speak to the right attorney. That’s probably one of the most important things as well.

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