Slip And Fall Accidents: How To File A Report After An Incident On Private Property

Documenting A SlipAndFall Accident That Occurred On Private PropertyIf you were hurt in a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, the owner may be liable to compensate you for your injuries.

While an accident report isn’t required to file a claim for compensation with the owner’s insurance company, documenting what happened validates your claim and verifies the incident really occurred. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster could use the lack of an accident report or other written notes as a reason to deny or reduce your claim.

Here, we discuss how to properly document your accident when it occurs on private property.

How to File a Report for a Slip and Fall Accident on Private Property

When a slip and fall accident occurs at a business, the manager or owner may have an accident report form the victim can complete to document the accident and put the owner on written notice of the incident.

It can be more challenging to file an accident report or otherwise document your accident if it occurs on private property because there will be no form report to complete. To properly document the incident, prepare an accident report of your own, keep a copy for your records, and provide another copy for the property manager or owner as an official notice of the situation.

So whether you have a standard form or have to create one, be sure to include this information:

  • ​Time, date, and location of your accident.
  • Circumstances that led to your slip and fall, including what you were doing at the time you fell.
  • Conditions at the scene of your accident, such as spilled liquids, debris, cracked pavement, or inadequate lighting.
  • Identify the negligent party, be it a private property owner or an individual business owner, and his or her insurance company.
  • Your contact information and that of the property owner, and any witnesses to your accident.

Important Steps to Take Following a Slip and Fall on Private Property

In addition to filing an accident report, there are other important steps to take right after your accident to protect your health and strengthen your claim for compensation:

  • ​Collect contact information from the property owner, his insurance company, and any witnesses to your accident.
  • Take pictures and videos of the accident scene and your injuries.
  • Seek immediate medical treatment if you suffered injuries, and even if you don’t believe you suffered injuries, still make an appointment for an examination within three days of the accident, as some conditions present later.
  • Contact an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible after the accident to build a strong claim for compensation and negotiate your settlement.

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