Attorney Pellegrino Certa “Pino”

Before beginning his career representing personal injury victims or those who are being treated unfairly by the insurance company, Pino attended college at St. John’s University, where he received his B.A. in 1990. He graduated from Albany Law School of Union University with his J.D. in 1993.

Pellegrino CertaAfter, graduating law school Pino began his career as a trial attorney for insurance defense firms; meaning he represented insurance companies in lawsuits or claims brought against those individuals causing injuries. After witnessing firsthand, the lengths the insurance companies went through to prevent fairly compensating an injured person, Pino decided to become a lawyer for the people rather than continue to represent insurance companies against the people; in this regard, he began his personal injury practice in 2006. By working for insurance companies, he developed an understanding of the insurance business and tactics used by insurance companies (Delay, Deny, and Defend). It is this prior experience that gives Pino an edge over other personal injury lawyers. He uses this advantage to custom tailor each case against the challenges you can expect to face from the insurance company.

Pino has handled thousands of cases against insurance companies and their insureds all with the same goal in mind; to make his clients whole again and obtain the highest possible compensation allowed, while at the same time keeping his clients grounded. In order to maximize your recovery, he will assess liability or who was responsible for your injury; this sometimes requires interviewing witnesses and/or hiring an accident reconstructionist or other expert witnesses. He will work with your doctors and medical team to determine the nature and extent of your injuries. Once all the information is obtained, Pino will then prepare a settlement demand to attempt to recover you the money you are entitled to without having to file a lawsuit. Pino understands that a lawsuit should be used as a last resort considering the added time and increased costs associated with a lawsuit.

For your convenience, he offers a free home or hospital visit and never charges a legal fee unless you obtain a recovery so you will never be asked to pay anything upfront.