Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Crash

Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car CrashIf you plan on seeking compensation after being injured in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania, there are certain steps to take at the scene of a car crash to make sure your rights are protected. If you need legal assistance for your personal injury matter, contact the experienced attorneys at Accident & Injury Law Group to schedule a free consultation.

Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Crash | Call 911

If you are able to, seek medical assistance immediately. Call 911. If you’re unable to, this will be the responsibility of witnesses or the other driver. If you are located near oncoming traffic, move to a safe location within close distance of the accident.

If you’re uninjured and don’t see damage, you should still contact law enforcement. You may not feel your injuries right away because of shock, or you may notice damage to your vehicle after the fact. At the scene, investigators will take statements. Provide as much information as possible about your accident, but do not admit fault.

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Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Crash | Avoid Discussing Fault

Police may ask who caused the accident. You should not discuss fault with law enforcement, the other driver, anyone at the scene, or insurance adjusters. You might improperly implicate yourself. This can damage your case.

Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Crash | Collect Evidence

At the scene, begin to collect evidence. Take photos and videos of the scene with your smartphone and write down witness names and phone numbers. Also ask for the insurance and contract information for the other driver.

Steps to Take at the Scene of a Car Crash | Seek Legal Counsel

If you’re able to, you can call a lawyer from the scene. A lawyer can help investigate your case immediately, and ensure your rights remain protected. If you’re unable to contact a lawyer from the scene, seek legal advice as soon as possible. Your case becomes more difficult to investigate the longer you wait.

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