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Injured while riding your bike? Watch this video to learn about bicycle accident claims and how much you may be able to recover for your injuries.

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What are the differences between bicycle accidents and car accident claims?


There are some differences between a car accident and an accident involving a bike rider. First of all, a bike doesn’t have all of the protections that a car offers its occupants, so a bicycle rider involved in an accident tends to suffer more serious and severe injuries. Bicycle Accident Claims Also, there is a prejudice out there that the bicycle rider must somehow be to blame. Even in a city like Pittsburgh, where bike riding has become so prevalent and where the city is going out of its way to try to make bicycle riding safer, there’s this misunderstanding that bicycle riders don’t have the same rights to the road that a car driver does. For this reason, it’s important that, if you’re injured in a bicycle accident, you find a lawyer who understands those differences and who knows how to represent a bicycle rider who’s been injured. That lawyer will know how to gather the evidence and how to assist you in your claim so that you make the best recovery possible.

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