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Unsure who will pay your car accident medical bills after a serious crash in Pennsylvania? Watch this video to learn our Pittsburgh injury attorneys can help.

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Who will pay my medical bills after a car accident?


One of the many questions people ask when they come to my office after they’ve been involved in a car crash is, “Who’s going to pay my medical bills?” Car Accident Medical Bills Your medical bills will be paid by your PIP or no-fault insurer, if you have that coverage. Once the limits or the coverages run out, your PIP or no-fault insurer will stop paying your medical bills. At that point, if you have health insurance, your health insurance will kick in. If you never had PIP or no-fault, your health insurance will pay medical bills right away.
Some people don’t have health insurance and they wonder what’s going to happen. You should continue getting treatment and we will make a claim for the unpaid medical bills against the person that caused the accident. Many medical providers are aware of this situation, and they will ask the attorney to sign a letter of guarantee, meaning that the attorney will guarantee payment from the settlement funds or the judgment, for the services that the medical provider provided to you. There are options, but the best way to get your medical bills paid is make sure you have the PIP and/or no-fault coverage when you purchase your automobile policy.

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