Insurance Companies and Bus Accidents

Injured in a bus crash? Insurance company calling? Watch this video to learn about the correct way to handle insurance companies and bus accidents.

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Should I speak with the insurance company after a bus accident?


If you’re ever injured in an accident, particularly an accident with a bus company, as soon as you’re identified as one of the potential claimants, you’ll likely be contacted either by an insurance adjuster for the bus company or a representative of the bus company. Insurance Companies and Bus Accidents Although it’s important that you confirm that you were, in fact, injured in this bus accident, I have to caution you to be careful in what you tell the person. What this often turns into is sort of a cross-examination, where they’re not trying to help you but are trying to build a case to minimize your claim. The best thing that you can do is confirm that you were one of the injured people, and then refer any further questions or calls for additional information to an experienced lawyer.

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