One Bite Rule

Were you attacked by a dog and have questions about the “One Bite Rule”. Watch this video about dog bite liability and who’s responsible for your injuries.

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What is the one bite rule?


I’ve had conversations with people who have been bitten by dogs who thought that there was nothing One Bite Rule they could do because of the “one bite” rule. Those people thought that if they couldn’t prove that the dog had bitten someone previously, there was no claim for them. That’s really not true under Pennsylvania law. You also can make a claim if you can prove that the dog has a vicious propensity. Vicious propensity can be proven not just by having bitten someone before, but by particular characteristics of that dog that the owner had knowledge of. You’ll have to prove the owner’s negligence under the circumstances that allowed the dog to attack or bite you.
It’s important that you contact a lawyer who has experience and understands the law in regard to dog bites. That lawyer will be able to guide you and let you know whether, under the facts of your attack, you have a claim or not.

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