Serious Car Accident Injuries

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What should I do if I’m seriously injured in a car accident?


I was talking to someone the other day and they asked me what they should do if they were involved in an auto accident in Pittsburgh. Serious Car Accident Injuries First of all, it depends the severity of your injury. If you’re able to, call the police officers and file a police report right away, and seek medical attention if you’ve been injured. The second thing you need to do, if you’re able to, is photograph the damage of the vehicles and get the insurance information of the other driver. You need to report the accident to your insurance company right away, if you’re able to do that.
Some of the mistakes that people make is that they don’t seek medical attention because they think that they’re going to get better over a period of time. That’s going to be used against you later on when you make a claim for personal injury. The insurance company is going to use that gap against you saying if you were seriously injured, you would’ve seen a doctor right away. Sometimes people don’t see a doctor for weeks, and then they say to themselves, “I’m not getting any better. I need to get checked out.” That is a big mistake. Go to a doctor right away and see what they say. More times than not, they will refer you to physical therapy or some kind of treatment to help you get better.

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