Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline

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How long will it take to resolve my slip and fall case?


One question we are typically asked by people who have been injured in a slip and fall incident is how long it’s going to take for their claim or case to be resolved. It’s impossible to tell you how long it’s going to take. There are just too many factors involved. Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline
How long will you be treating for? What is the extent of your injuries? Will you require surgery in the future? Have you missed time from work? How long have you been away from work?
All of these factors are taken into account. A claim is not resolved until you are done treating to get full value for you in your case. If you’re not done treating within two years, then a lawsuit needs to be started to protect the statute of limitations. It’s impossible for anyone to tell you how long your case is going to be settled until there’s a better picture of what your injuries are.

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