Types of Car Crashes

An estimated 6 million motor vehicle accidents are reported to law enforcement each year in the United States, and approximately 130,000 of those crashes occur right here in Pennsylvania.

Types of Car CrashesAccording to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, motor vehicle accidents killed 1,137 people and injured an additional 80,612 in 2017 alone.

Individuals fortunate enough to survive their icy brushes with death may face significant physical and financial challenges as a result of the accident.

However, if the crash—and subsequent injuries and other losses—were caused by the negligence of another person or entity, a victim may be entitled to pursue compensation via a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit. Read on to learn more about the most common types of motor vehicle accidents that lead to personal injury litigation.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end collisions are the single most common type of motor vehicle accident in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the 6 million crashes reported each year, a shocking 40 percent are rear-end accidents. These crashes occur when the back end of a vehicle is struck by a vehicle following behind it. Rear-end collisions are often determined to be the fault of the following driver.

Common causes include speeding, aggressive driving, failure to pay sufficient attention to traffic, and failure to leave enough space between vehicles.

Head-On Collisions

Also known as frontal-impact crashes, head-on collisions are one of the most deadly types of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these crashes accounted for 54 percent of serious collisions in 2016.

Considering the physics involved, it isn’t difficult to see why. When two vehicles traveling at the same speed are involved in a frontal collision, the force applied to each of those vehicles is the same as if it had hit a brick wall traveling at that speed. This can result in catastrophic injuries or even death.


Rollover accidents are extremely serious, often leading to fatalities. When a vehicle violently rolls onto its side or roof, exterior portions of the vehicle can be crushed—which is also what often happens with passengers inside the vehicle.

Any type of vehicle can roll under certain conditions. However, taller, narrower vehicles with higher centers of gravity—such as SUVs and vans—are particularly prone to being involved in these types of accidents. Other common factors in rollover accidents include speed, alcohol, and location.

T-Bone Crashes

Also known as side-impact or broadside accidents, T-bone crashes occur when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side of another, often at an intersection, stop sign, or traffic light. These accidents are often caused by the failure of one driver to yield to another.

Reversing Accident

Sometimes driving a car in reverse is a necessity. It can also be an accident waiting to happen. When drivers fail to adequately check their blind spots or behind their vehicles before reversing, the results can be disastrous. In some cases, this means colliding with another vehicle; in others, it could mean hitting or backing over a pedestrian. Young children and senior citizens are particularly at risk for injury in these types of accidents.

Consult an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case

If you were seriously injured in a Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident caused by another person or entity’s negligence, you may be eligible to collect compensation for economic and non-economic damages, such as medical expenses, property damages, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

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